Should there be a complaint that needs raising with JKE Security Ltd, we would ask you to follow the following procedure: -

  1. If you feel that the complaint can be dealt with by the person whom the issue is with, we would ask you to initially email the person requesting a phone call/meeting for resolution at a time convenient to you.
  2. Our service desk will also receive complaints via phone/email/portal.  We would ask you to send an email to ensure that it is officially in the system and this will dealt with by the appropriate personnel.
    • If you were to email with the word 'complaint' in the subject, this will automatically be assigned to the appropriate personnel via our system that identifies key words and then directs accordingly.
  3. If you wish to go directly to company directors, please contact the service desk initially and request a phone call back.  This will be done in a timely fashion and it is not necessary to state the nature of your call if you do not wish it.
  4. Contact details are as follows: -

By Email    
By Phone
0800 011 9242    
By Portal
By Webpage

I hope that the above will not be required but if it is, I would hope that you can judge us by the way we deal with the situation as oppose to the reasons why it occurred in the first place.  We take complaints very seriously and care for the relationships that we build with our clients.

We thank you for your continued support.

Dan Mather

Managing Director