In order to place a callout with JKE Security, please select the '+ New Support Ticket' option in the portal.  

From here, you can add a new ticket that will register directly with our Help Desk System.  Your tickets will be automated in order to be routed to the correct person within the organisation and you will receive an automated email notification to let you know it has been received.

You will require the following fields: -

Name This requires a valid email address.  Please ensure you use your company email as this is what we have on our system and will therefore allow the ticket automation to the appropriate Help Desk Agent.
Subject     Please enter a brief but precise description of fault with site name (e.g. Camera 3 No Picture @ _______)
Description     Please add a little more detail regarding the nature of the fault (e.g. Camera has not worked since the generator test was carried out)

As soon as the work is scheduled, your ticket will be updated with a note that informs you of an ETA.

Upon completion, your ticket will be responded to with our findings and work carried out and set to the following status: -

 Further work is required
The work is completed and will be set to Resolved for a period of time (2 days) to ensure the ticket can still be viewed.  If the fault recurs, we can then reactivate the ticket.
Once we are happy there is no return of the fault nor no new information to be added to the ticket, we shall close the ticket.  You will still be able to view the ticket if you choose the option to view all.

Please note that although the tickets will be set to Resolved, we will still process the job as completed.  This time between Resolved and Closed is simply to allow us the flexibility to reopen and for you to view the ticket and add to if required.  The ticket will automatically be set to Closed should no reply be given to the Resolved Email Notification.